Headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, Couch has a rich heritage dating back to its origin in 1908.  In 2017 Couch became a part of the Dunn Family of companies.  Geographically, Couch was a perfect fit with its operations strategically located in central and south Alabama and the panhandle of Florida.  It's sand and gravel operations complemented Dunn's other core businesses and construction materials product line.  Like Dunn, Couch is a capable company with strong roots in the local community.  Couch prospered during previous acquisitions due largely to strong customer relationships and experienced people with close ties to the communities served.  These shared values made for a smooth transition in 2017. 

As a family-owned business, a strong set of values will always be the core of the business.

Company Value Statement

Service to our customers, employees, communities and shareholders is the reason our businesses exist.  In this service we deeply value:


We commit to work together fairly and safely, holding these values for the common good.

For Our Customers
We seek to provide quality products at a fair price.  By this approach, our goal is to promote repeat business through satisfied customers.

For Our Employees
We strive to attract quality people and provide them with excellent opportunities to grow and prosper.  Working in a safe and progressive environment, our employees seek challenges and take pride in a job well done.

For Our Communities
Couch seeks to earn the public's respect as a good corporate citizen.  We strive to maintain first-class facilities that enhance the community.

Today, Couch is a vital part of the Dunn Family of businesses with a bright future.